Retailers and Developers

Below is information that retailers and real estate development professionals may find interesting when investigating Center as a potential location for investment.  We can customize reports and find other information upon request.  Please contact us at 936/598-2941 for more information.

For more data about Center's retail market, please download our Retail Recruitment packet.


Trade Area Maps

Trade area map for Center, Texas     Trade area map for Center, Texas

Retail Map - with traffic counts


For more detailed demographic information, please download the Retail Brochure

Retail Gap Analysis

Per capita retail sales - Center ($34,016)  State of Texas ($13,061)

  Primary RTA Secondary RTA
Eating Places        (23,834,740)        (32,775,760)
Electronics Stores        (16,259,910)        (20,537,040)
Grocery Stores        (13,978,140)        (21,708,190)
Gasoline Stations          (7,017,973)          (9,417,101)
Misc. Retail Stores          (6,672,461)          (9,156,482)
Non-Store Retail            2,599,615          (3,341,918)
Shoe Stores          (1,769,743)          (2,193,565)
TOTAL LEAKAGE      (53,358,260)   (114,436,600)

Area Schools and Total Enrollment

Center ISD -  2,752
Excelsior ISD - 115
Shelbyville ISD  - 825
Timpson ISD  - 525
Timpson ISD  - 549
Joaquin ISD  - 738

Area Health Care Facilities

Nacogdoches Medical Emergency Department

Three pharmacies - CVS, Wal-Mart, Brookshire Bros.

Four doctors offices

Four dentists

Area Attractions

The Windham Civic Center hosts over 220 events each year with nearly 25,000 annual visitors.
Center is developing a sports-tourism niche.  In 2013, the City will host 7 state youth baseball tournaments, bringing in nearly 5,000 visitors to Center.  A park expansion project will add softball elements, allowing the City to host other types of tournaments.

Incentives Available

Property tax abatements
Sales tax rebates
Site development assistance
Utility extension
Rebate of City permit fees
Workforce training
Housing construction rebate



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