Business Philosophy

Center, Texas, located in the East Texas Piney Woods, has elected to not veer down the well-trodden economic development path in which we would purchase some land and develop a traditional industrial park. Instead, we wish to offer something of even greater value to those businesses seeking to locate in Center.

Our objective is to convince you that Center, Texas, will be the best location for your business. Many business parks fail for different reasons. Some may not have a great marketing plan; others may have an undesirable location.

In Center, we want you to find the property that will be the most suitable for your business. By building an industrial park, the EDC would have automatically pigeon-holed businesses. Why would we presume to know better than you what location or issues are most important? You know the importance and value of different location options better than we could ever pre-determine. The location of the park may not be the best location for the prospect; the utilities may or may not be of adequate size; desired highway access may or may not be achieved.

The advantage to operating an industrial park is that the utilities and infrastructure are already in place and the local government acts as the seller. However, this approach consumes large amounts of capital that can be redirected in other ways. The Center EDC’s incentive policy includes extending utilities, installing appropriate infrastructure and, perhaps, subsidizing the land acquisition costs. All of these activities are tailored to the prospect’s identified needs - not spent on speculative investment. It is with this spirit that we, as we have done in the past, create public-private partnerships for industrial development.

In Center, we take a broader view of business development: the entire City is one big business park.