Available Sites

Currently, the Center EDC has three available and vacant buildings that would be suitable for light manufacturing operations, and a 22 acre greenfield tract.

The Center EDC recently completed the first fully documented 22 site at the intersection of Loop 500 and SH 7E. We are happy to share this information with any potential investors or developers. Please contact us at 936/598-2941 since this is a very large file.

EDC Available Sites Infograph

Available Vacant Buildings in Center
  VARCO Building 152 Catco Drive 138 Catco Drive
Total Size 10,000 SF 5,000 SF 10,000 SF
Office Space 2,000 SF 2,000 SF 3,000 SF
Production Area 8,000 SF 3,000 SF 7,000 SF
Ceiling Height 20 Ft 20 Ft 20 Ft
Slab Depth 6 Inches 6 Inches 6 Inches
Roll Up Doors 4 2 4
Yard Area 10 Acres 1 Acre 2 Acres
Water line 2 Inch 8 Inch 8 Inch
Sewer line 4 Inch 6 Inch  6 Inch 
Zoning M1 Industrial M1 Industrial M1 Industrial
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